Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Idea 1

[scenes may need dialogue added]

Two men follow an older man into an almost empty bar. They sit down a short distance away from the table where the older man is sitting. One of the men goes over to the bar and calls someone on the phone. He returns to his seat. Shortly after, a young woman walks in and over to the table where the older man is sitting, and begins to flirt with him. The other of the two men then covertly pulls out a camera and proceeds to take pictures of the older man as he is being escorted to a back-room in the bar. The two men wait a moment and follow the older man and the woman into the back-room, where they continue to snap pictures unbeknownst to the older man. As the pictures become more and more sexual, the amount of pictures being taken increase.

The next day, the older man -- at his own home -- finds an envelope on his porch addressed to him. He opens it up and finds the pictures taken the night before, along with a note with a meeting time, demanding payment. He quickly looks over his shoulder and stuffs the pictures back into the envelope, as he heads to his fireplace to burn the pictures.

Later that night, the older man heads into the same bar as before. He walks over to the same table, and takes a seat. Looking around the room, he notices a man looking over at him. He gets up and walks over to the table where the other man was sitting. The other man hands him another note. [The note is implied to be an amount of money] The older man begrudgingly hands him over an envelope filled with money, and the other man counts it. Afterwards, he stands up, and gives the older man the memory chip which presumably contains the pictures. As he begins to walk away, the older man asks: "How do I know the pictures are on here?" The other man turns and responds: "I could include the camera too, but it'll cost you another $200."


Blogger Sara C said...

I think the basis of your idea here is a really great, intriguing one. A couple of things you should perhaps think about in order to make it stronger. It needs to be made clear the motives of the men blackmailing the older guy, and it needs to be really highlighted why the old man is willing to pay the money. What does he stand to gain from having these pictures posted publicly? Maybe some more antagonistic forces would be good, the man might not be able to get the money so easily so we can perhaps see his desperation as he tries to find ways of raising the money. Hope that helps!

August 12, 2011 at 4:30 PM  

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