Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Idea 2

The two men from before are seen following a different man. They all get in cars, and the two men proceed to follow the middle-aged man. They follow him for quite some time, until the man eventually stops in the middle of the road. They both stop their car. The middle-aged man then turns his car around and starts to drive towards them very fast. He suddenly slams on his brakes just before they crash into each other, where he jumps out of the car and starts to run towards their car with a tire-iron in his hand, screaming as he runs along.

Man #1: *backing the car up as fast as he can* WHAT THE F*CK?!

The man still screaming at the top of his lungs, flailing his arms as he runs after their car, still driving away in reverse. He attempts to turn the car around, but crashes into a fire-hydrant, which shoots water all over the place. Afraid of being hit by the apparent lunatic, Man #1 leaps out of the car and starts running down the road. Man #2 quickly follows suit.

Idea 1

[scenes may need dialogue added]

Two men follow an older man into an almost empty bar. They sit down a short distance away from the table where the older man is sitting. One of the men goes over to the bar and calls someone on the phone. He returns to his seat. Shortly after, a young woman walks in and over to the table where the older man is sitting, and begins to flirt with him. The other of the two men then covertly pulls out a camera and proceeds to take pictures of the older man as he is being escorted to a back-room in the bar. The two men wait a moment and follow the older man and the woman into the back-room, where they continue to snap pictures unbeknownst to the older man. As the pictures become more and more sexual, the amount of pictures being taken increase.

The next day, the older man -- at his own home -- finds an envelope on his porch addressed to him. He opens it up and finds the pictures taken the night before, along with a note with a meeting time, demanding payment. He quickly looks over his shoulder and stuffs the pictures back into the envelope, as he heads to his fireplace to burn the pictures.

Later that night, the older man heads into the same bar as before. He walks over to the same table, and takes a seat. Looking around the room, he notices a man looking over at him. He gets up and walks over to the table where the other man was sitting. The other man hands him another note. [The note is implied to be an amount of money] The older man begrudgingly hands him over an envelope filled with money, and the other man counts it. Afterwards, he stands up, and gives the older man the memory chip which presumably contains the pictures. As he begins to walk away, the older man asks: "How do I know the pictures are on here?" The other man turns and responds: "I could include the camera too, but it'll cost you another $200."